How a marketing mecca can miss their meal ticket?

Las Vegas was built on inhibitions. Tens of thousands of people flock to this mecca to let it all hang out and enjoy in various forms of debauchery. Throwing caution to the wind and giving into temptation is just the tip of the iceberg as it pertains to the mindset of aLas Vegaspatron. With countless competitors present, reigning in the ever valuable tourist dollar is more important then ever. As soon as you get off the plane inLas Vegas, you are bombarded with various marketing endeavors. Massive billboards advertising the newest hit show on the strip, or a famous celebrity singer’s upcoming concert surround the airport baggage claim. Your next step is getting to your hotel, you have your choice of several options but regardless, you are hit with advertisements along the side of the cabs as well as various communiqué inside of the cab. Complimentary magazines jam packed with more advertising of events, buffets, and even nightclubs are riddled throughout the cab all with one goal, getting you inside their establishment with the hopes of having you spend money in their various amenities. Once you get to your hotel, it continues. Everywhere you go inLas Vegasis one big marketing pitch and you are surrounded by potential vendors trying to vie for your dollar. Much of the marketing endeavors in this town have proven successful and many continue to yield success. Bombarding the tourist with constant promotion of their new upcoming event has yielded countless sold out shows and build such empires as Sigfried and Roy, David Copperfield and the Blue Man Group. The new push inLas Vegashinges around same store sales and keeping the patron in the casino as long as possible by providing them with every amenity they could possibly want.Las Vegasis packed with mini cities on every block and although there are only a few corporations who own casinos, each one of them is fighting against each other to almost hold the patron hostage. The methods to which they advertise to their patrons has evolved and use of technology has come to the forefront. Also, with new technologies becoming the norm, many other campaigns have become almost obsolete and have proven to not be effective for today’s “informed consumer.” On my recent trip toLas Vegas, I was no stranger to this constant badgering of promotion. As a long time visitor toLas Vegas, I have seen the promotional campaigns evolve over the year and have seen the same tired methods continue to struggle for some of today’s best marketers. During my recent visit I was given the infamous “teaser rate” as a method to entice me to enter their facility. This promotion was a “complimentary happy hour” aimed at giving away drinks to females with the hopes that females will draw men to their establishment. The men were not given discounts and the establishment only aimed at the men to be interested in joining in the party to hopefully talk to a female. After the happy hour was over, nobody was given a discount and everything returned to full price. I took part in this promotion just to gauge the success. It did exactly what I thought it would. Men did not purchase beverages and just were there to speak with females. Once they did not have any luck, they would move on and visit another venue. Females were drinking heavily since it was free and the minute the promotion ended, the place was a ghost town. Their goal of generating male patrons and keeping female patrons past the happy hour has failed and they are left with the loss of the complimentary beverages and no cover charge. This is just one example of tired promotions that will not work with today’s informed customers. A remedy to this would be “tiered promotions” offering discounted beverages to both sexes and possibly a stronger promotion to the female patron. Going from free to $6 is alittle harsh of a transition. Having a complimentary hour for women and half price for men, and then tier it to half price for women and a dollar off for men. This would instill an expiration for the promotion but still keep the perceived benefit.

The best marketing campaigns have been coupled with technology to reinforce the success of a promotion and instill a level of prestige for being apart of their online community.Las Vegasconsumers are looking for ‘insider’ deals and since the price of flying toLas Vegashas increased due to increases to the airline industry, it is important forLas Vegasadvertisers to increase the perceived value of their promotion. Consumers are spending less inLas Vegasand becoming more educated in where they spend their dollars. So using

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