Revenue or Bust…the New Facebook Advertising Model

Leave it to marketers to ruin yet another one of the most effective forms of communication and staple of consumers’ lives….

In a sick game of keeping up with the jones’s more and more organizations are pimping out their consumer base and attracting new ones through a no holds barred death match of attract and convert or die.

Marketers are thinking less like a consumer and more like a media outlet. Get your message in front of as many people as possible with the sole purpose of converting the sale. The sale has becoming the only thing that matters and loyalty and customer retention has quickly slipped down the priority list.

How can you blame them…. Revenue and value is the only thing that matters. The only metrics worth attracting any interest from the C-suite has to revolve around sales numbers. So you have countless positive product reviews and unbelievable customer loyalty on social media, if those consumers are not converting on a regular basis….they are dead to C-suite.

You can’t achieve sales goals by engagement on Facebook….. or can you?? (teaser for later on the post)

With spending on digital being as bullish as it has ever been, more and more organizations are choosing to abandon the masses of Facebook for the greener pastures of other digital media. What was once the inherit craze of relationship building is slowly eroding to the archaic but perceived ‘proven’ model of acquisition.
What GM and other large organizations fail to realize about advertising on Facebook and other ‘low return’ media is their complete disregard for one of the most common and fundamental marketing lessons in history. The fact that it requires multiple touches and impressions of a consumer seeing your marketing before they:

  1. Recognize your brand or product
  2. Remember your brand or product the next time they see it
  3. Realize your brand or product can satisfy their need
  4. Trust your brand and product
  5. Purchase your brand or product
  6. Share your brand or product with their cohorts and tribe

With the relatively low barrier to entry and cost of doing business, the model of Facebook (or any low return digital media for that matter), is that the saturation effect and multiple touches to the consumer are the new 30 second spot. Forcing your message through non-intrusive (yet utterly very intrusive) tactics is essential to build the larger tribe and community of potential and current customers.

If the consumer feels your brand satisfies their needs and provides them with content, emotional connection, social confidence (your friends/tribe like this brand), outreach or some other determining factor, that is not only where sales are generated, but repeat sales… requiring much less acquisition expense per customer.

Much like one of Seth Godin’s messages in Linchpin, giving away content is the new promotion and can smoothly transition into an evangelist and vital consumer to your growth.

The ‘should be’ new Facebook Advertising Model
If you are expecting to make significant direct revenue off of a social channel or other soft touch referral source, you are on a race to abolishment. What you SHOULD BE doing is understanding the consumers perception of the medium and using this as a lever to communicate your message in a way that is parallel to their intended usage of the medium. Billboarding your message and making buying the only logical option to your consumer on one of these ‘soft touch’ referral sources is the fastest way to suffering ads, horrible CTRs, and the inherit demolishing the opportunity for creating a community worth value.

Don’t agree with my point and see value in the ‘real’ Facebook advertising model… please stop communicating, and leave more value to us smart marketers.

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  1. Dead on Justin!  I love to use this research on the

    “The average shopper uses 10.4 sources before buying, twice
    as much as years past.”

    Via Google’s

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