The Audacity of Change

Our brains are built with the assumption that everything we do, will last forever and the possibility of our status quo being interrupted sends a shockwave through our minds that glimpses of the apocalypse. In a time of maintaining, what drive innovation? Without hardships and boat rocking, intuitive thought thought is not provoked. When your business hits a rut and growth is halted, the common practice is to stand back and blame previous decisions and criticize the supposive ‘lack of foresight.’ Nowhere in this process does one stand up and state that perhaps our model is flawed and we just didn’t realize the beginning of a changing landscape. Freethinkers are often put out and shunned for their innovation. When in turn, providing a haven for creativity breeds innovation which in turn breeds competitive advantage.

The greatest products and innovations were not developed out of complacentness and uniformity. They were developed by throwing away the norm and forcing free thinkers to be proactive. Anticipating the consumer’s next step is what separates brand identity and forces the market to carve out a new niche.

When Board of Directors are constantly forcing marketing managers to rethink previous decisions and be reactive in their advertising endeavors, this causes you to fall behind the evolution of the market and most of all, lose touch with your ever evolving customer base. There is no difference between a marketer and a financial advisor. Both are trying to anticipate the market’s next move. One is doing it with securities and investments, where the other is doing it with advertising campaigns and social media. Both are trying to analyze trends and forecast where the next growth avenue to gain that competitive advantage.

In some of the worst economic times since the Great Depression, how will you attack the market? Will you sit in the bullpen and be reactive while letting your competitors gain the competitive advantage and the hard sought after dollars of your customers, or will you take the ball and carve out your next big revenue stream? It is truly your choice.

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