Is NBC’s The Voice the NEW “Big Game” of Ads?

While admitedly, i am not a big TV fan and find myself more interested in the ads then i am the actual program, i absolutely adore music! Especially, music boasting a singer who has a voice so unique, that you can pick it out of a sea of noise.

So with my infatuation with voices and music, there are few shows that actually satisfy my need….. NBC’s The Voice does that. While i was watched this show since its first season, i have seen this show grow and grow in popularity and was one of the first shows i can remember to display the #TheVoice so prominently on screen. By employing the 2nd screen connectivity, it continued to fuel the growth of the show, until it has reached its critical mass.

With this critical mass has brought out the big guns in advertising. During the season premiere episode, many advertisers unveiled themselves to the masses, while others employed some lofty budgets to show off their new ads.

Additionally, i am not a big ‘real-time’ blogger and more of a thinker but these ads moved me…

Enter Google.

Google’s new timely piece shows how G+ can connect families while their kids are away at college. The ad tugged on the heart strings and drove a message home that G+ is the new Skype, but in a way that Skype has never been able to enjoy. Google 1 vs. Microsoft 0. Well played. Ad after the jump…

Enter Crate&Barrel

While C&B are not struggling for sales, they are however, not very present on primetime. refusing to shell out the massive sums for a hail mary attempt at Brand Awareness. However, this simple and engaging spot featured their ever recognizable fonttype, and trademark simple style. This ad told the story about a couple and how C&B fits into their life. well done and a nice introduction to this primetime space by a proven retailer.

Enter Amazon…

wow. Boasting a new ad jammed with all of their recent innovations and a new tagline…. Normal needs to be messed with. Awesome spot which shows off how much you truly use Amazon and holds true to their most recognizable asset…. “The Box with a Smile”. This ad was creative, confident, and obviously timely given the release of their new Kindle products. Another good spot on this big stage.

As this show continues to reach its tipping point, the big swings from the Advertisers will commence.

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