The Day that Changed the World

12 years ago, while I was sitting (ironically) in my Intro to Middle East Class….. a group of individuals committed an act so heinous and misguided, that it not only affected the thousands of individuals who died too soon, but millions of people across the country forever.

For some, they are considered martyrs, others (me included), they are considered anathema.

I will NEVER forget, but as in every event, learned the value of life….

I feel there are events in everyone’s life that not only transcend the point of life changing, but cause you to look in the mirror and reflect the choices you have made. Determining if you have put forth the required effort to leave your mark and make your impact on the world. These events hopefully make you realize your gift.

Find your gift… find your inspiration…find your purpose…find your life. Our days are numbered and unless you ship, you run the risk of leaving the world unchanged.

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