Are we KILLING Twitter??

Every article you read, every post you see, is telling you that your business should be jumping to Twitter to push your latest promotion. ‘They’ are telling you that your customers will flock to Twitter, follow your brand, and become brand evangelists right away. They are individuals who are living on Twitter and will see every post that you write, and promote it feverishly to their followers and continue to sing your brand’s praises. Or do they?

The problem marketers are running into is that their ‘Twitter evangelists’ are following at least 2000 other brands who continue to vow the same premonition. Twitter is becoming diluted by countless marketers trying to play the perfect ‘timing game’ to try to hit the most influential targets during that precious window in which they are checking their status. Originators of genuine content are competing against individuals retweeting the same content countless times which in turn continues to dilute users from seeing the genuine content.

Don’t believe me?? Log into your Twitter account and leave it ‘inactive’ for 5 minutes…. See how many updates you have when you come back? It is probably at least 20… and that was 5 minutes. But do you blame the marketers for constantly pushing their content so that they just might win the dice roll? Having the ‘influential’ person with the desired Klout score see their post and distribute it to their quandary of influential viewers…. See the benefit of the crap shoot? But with a massive amount of users trying to win this crap shoot, how can anyone actually win this diluted game of chance?

Twitter is becoming a medium in which the true impact of your marketing efforts are going to the way of Newspaper advertisements. Real marketers are analyzing their shortened links stats, trying to find out the best time to push their content, and inquiring how this content could not only drive traffic to their site, but through 140 characters, close a sale… Asking a lot from an almost ADD-actioned group of candidates barraged with countless pitches.

Twitter has evolved from a medium for celebrities to discuss their latest movie endeavor or what they had for breakfast to its intended and purposed use…. customer service!!

Why wouldn’t any brand want to be transparent to the point that their customer service efforts would be showcased on a medium that not only can develop brand evangelists, but also provide your users with almost instant resolution of their issues? No longer do you need to archive your customer service conquests to the depths of phone records and live chat transcripts. Your brand can easily resolved a delayed shipment, incorrect order fulfillment, or incorrect invoice with your direct customers. This continues to build your brand loyalty and does what countless users are trying to do now…. initiate their brand as a brand, owned by the people…

So as it pertains to your customer service and social media marketing….are you killing Twitter?

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