Facebook is Noisy and why we LOVE it

Cross generational adoption has remained a significant driver to Facebook volatile growth and is sought to be the major hindrance to Twitter’s continued growth. The stark generational gap has pigeonholed Twitter into a medium only used by celebrities, athletes and tweeners alike.

The Twitter haters bark about a noisy environment and how Facebook owns the space because it is more focused and allows anyone to remain more centralized in the stalking of their exes.

If you have any semblance of volume relative to your Facebook friends and connections, and are an avid user of Twitter, you should know one stark similarity….. they are BOTH noisy.

While both have the ability to segment your audience using lists, the adoption of EdgeRank  forces users and brands to post in a more robust rapid fire mode in order to maximize exposure. The rise of someEcards and other viral Meme’s has turned anyone into a shotgun of Facebook posts. This turns your once isolated and centralized wall into a bulletin board of hilarious Meme’s and instagram shares. The visual nature of the social space right now lends itself perfectly to Facebook vs. Twitter….at least Twitter in its current state.

But it doesn’t take away from the noise level of Facebook. The one thing EVERY Twitter critic screamed was that you couldn’t go 10 seconds without a laundry list of updates. Fast forward to present and try to go 10 seconds on your Facebook feed without constant updates?? Similarities?

But is this necessary a bad thing?? it is the way we live…..the way we are….. the way we want to consume. The spontaneity of our lifestyle and the way we digest content only lends to a noisy environment. it is just up to users and brands to stand out. And unfortunately, the content suffers. Creative uses of the content is the new purple cow. the story suffers for the aesthetically pleasing.

Noise is no longer a deterrent from adoption and the influx of consumers to Twitter (doesn’t help it is being force fed by mass media), only shows that we are used to the noise and invite the noise because the alternative….. the ignorance of knowledge and news, is far more of a consequence then the ADD lifestyle of content digestion.


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