Amazon Takes the Gloves off…

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy and the devastation seen by millions along the East Cost (no exception in my small town in PA) shown me that I need to make sure that i am prepared for what i feel is going to be a HORRENDOUS winter. So…. i need some snow shovels and where else to look but Amazon??

Upon first glance onto, i am welcomed by this pretty aggressive review of the iPad Mini by Gizmodo….

Wow…. I would say that this is a pretty aggressive review to have posted on the page that surely goes for $100k+ a day for advertising. And then it hit me….

Amazon is seriously taking the gloves off and making it known that they are HERE TO STAY in the tablet game. To put such an aggressive and potentially defamatory post on the highest trafficked and highest viewed page on the site is telling.

This goes right along side of Samsung who has thrilled marketers and consumers alike with their blatant ridicule of Apple ‘fanboys’ with their Samsung G2 and G3 commercials over the past few years.

Obviously everyone wants to go after the industry leader (although Samsung is pretty much taking over that trait in the marketplace) so Apple can’t do anything but feel flattered.

Another sign that this aggressive statement shows is the saturation of tablets to the point where fighting for share is priority #1. Before, everyone could advertise tablets and the adoption was just as volatile because they were new and the introduction to the market was plentiful. This shows that the fight for share is on and taking down the tablet leader (Apple) is the big fight. Are we reaching the exhaustion point of tablets and have the adoption rate vs. laptops/desktops officially reached the brink?

What are your thoughts on this pretty aggressive statement by Amazon?

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  1. Tablet computing is clearly the wave of the future. My company had not yet entered this world but I see it happening as we plan to open an overseas office within the next 2 years, plus having a presence on site at one particular customer in NY this would make a simple mobile strategy. Amazon is clearly drawing a line in the sand here. And why not…they have a good product that can do the same functions. I do love my iPad but I’m definitely looking in the Kindle Fire world for holiday shopping.

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