Now of all Times….

Perhaps the most overused and least understood statements in used to discuss something in which people are not fond of….

Now of all times

Lets use this in a sentence….  I can’t believe they would run an ad like that… now of all times.

When i hear this statement, my first thought is… ok when is the ‘time’ you are referring to. Flanking that intriguing question bodes the follow up…. Is there ever a time in which people wouldn’t say…Now of all times?

We live in such an immediate society that the thought of something that feels out of place, used in the past, or so forward thinking that it is uncomfortable for the viewer… deems the response… Now of all times.

There will never be a time in which the person would say…. you know what?? right now is ‘that time.’ Deflecting away from the item in question that is out of place is easier to chalk it up to be ‘outdated’ or ‘not of this time’ as opposed to being a different attack aimed at a different content consumer.

Short sided comments such as ‘Now of all times’ do nothing but further pigeonhole close minded individuals.

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