MSM is The Next Big Thing in Advertising…Whats that?

Not late breaking news here but the role of traditional advertising has become bleak. Less and less organizations are dumping their funds into the abyss of traditional push messaging due to the low returns. Online advertising is reaching its saturation point and the targeted consumers are inundated with multiple messages constantly on various screens, their attention levels has reached their lowest point.

The infamous question in marketing/advertising is…. whats next? What is tomorrow’s banner ad? or TV spot?

Just a thought, but i feel the future of advertising/marketing lies in what i will coin… multi-screen messaging or MSM for short.

What is multi-screen messaging. Lets set the stage:

Data Set:

We all know that multi-tasking and multi-screen viewing is commonplace in today’s society. we are constantly between screens, whether it be TV and laptop, TV and tablet, TV and smartphone, Tablet and Smartphone…do i need to go on? This constant seesaw ride between devices continues on our pace of broken messages and short attention spans.


Let me tell a story…close your eyes and picture yourself here….

Sitting on the couch… lets say… watching a popular talent competition… lets say NBC’s The Voice (more on that here). You have your trust Samsung Tab or iPad handy watching YouTube videos, checking your social accounts or live tweeting along with your favorite show. The constant back and forth allows you to miss most of the commercial messages between segments and the constant checking on the performance diverts your attention from the online display ads. what is a marketer to do?

Enter MSM:

The future lies in this…. Lets use Amazon as our advertiser de facto. More on Amazon here… but back to your couch. Just as you are hearing “We are the ones with the smile on the box”…. your connected TV displays an ad showcasing a sweet pair of headphones you were just looking at over at Amazon yesterday… wait how did that happen? Your connected TV obviously is on your network and shares your IP address. Amazon/Google (insert advertiser here) already tracks your viewing history and purchase history. so… if you are searching on your home network or logged into your account…. your viewing/purchasing history is already there. So Amazon sends you related messages based on your previous viewing/purchase history….right on your connected TV. you are interested in the ad but do not want to disrupt your viewing of the Voice to visit a web page…. so it presents you with the option to ‘send to tablet, smartphone, or laptop’. Right then, the destination of the ad is send directly to the device of your choice.

Seem far away?? lets go back to my previous statement…. your home network shares an IP address…which is tracked by Google/Amazon and a gaggle of other advertisers online. so the information is there…. stored based on your IP address/cookie. so tell me again why there is a gap?

the ability to link your devices on your home network should work both ways. you see a video on YouTube and interested in blowing it up large…. the option “Send to TV” is presented and the ad is shown on your TV… instantly.

The smoke is rolling out of my head right now. The possibilities here are endless. it is more then display ads. it can be social interactions. i am honestly shocked that our disconnected and attention lacking society would actually take the action to see a various hashtag, twitter handle, facebook page, and actually visit that page/destination. “you actually want me to take what you told me to do and ACTUALLY employ it? o the audacity of you”.

So what if you could just select or even voice control (getting fancy huh?) that you want to visit that page on your smartphone. this instant interaction would not only explode the adoption of consumers visiting these pages and taking part in the conversation, but would add an interactive element to the TV (aka thoughtless box) that keeps your brain engaged and not a zombie staring at moving imagery.

Why should we stop at ads and social…. this can be content driven…. or educational. seriously the thoughts coming to my head in 5 minutes of thinking about this idea…. it could be the leap that integrates traditional and digital marketing…. once and for all!!!

Your thoughts?

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