Controlling the Internet of Things

Internet connectivity is all around us. spilling from our lifeblood (our phones) to our televisions, gaming systems, and DVD players to appliances, lights (using WeMo) and even cars. Everywhere we are, connectivity follows us. We depend on it but most of all we expect it. Our random queries at social events and interactions where people would speculate about who the team was that was MVP of the 1961 world series, or what was that movie with Samuel Jackson where he played the bum?? No matter where we are, we demand internet.

So when the internet of things movement started, i actually was curious why it took so long. But it has started and started with the appliance we use most often… our refrigerator. This essential appliance makes sense to have connectivity. But connectivity needs to take the next level. We need to have some efficiencies between all of this connectivity.

Lets go down the idea train: What if your connected fridge can communicate with your Nike+ fitband to monitor what you are eating and adjusting your work out plan based upon your caloric intake?

And what about seeing a commercial for organic granola bars from Nature’s Promise (my favorite) and wanting to add them to the grocery list…. so you use your remote and add that item to your shopping list…. o wait… did i go too far?

With all of our connectivity, what is the use if they do not speak to each other? We need to have a centralized hub that controls the connections. We could have at least 10 devices using the internet at all times (wow… what a commodity game this will ensue to control the connectivity) but none of them have a seamless transition. Why can’t i view something on my TV, use my remote (or phone as a remote..hint hint) and take action from my TV and send it to another one of my connected devices. If i see a recipe on the TV, i sent it to my fridge. If i see a pair of shoes i like from Zappos, i can send it directly to my phone from my TV… or to my tablet.

Seriously… why does this feel so far away? why can’t we make this happen. If the Nest can connect with devices in your home, why can’t we do something to connect everything in the house? Why not take your Cisco router, create a hub and bounce all of the connectivity seamlessly between devices? If you are utilizing the same platform or a synonymous operating system, this shouldn’t be difficult. Someone make this happen before a crazy marketer like me figures it out.

Which brings me to the the point of my next post…. marketing the internet of things. Obviously i am a marketer who is always looking for the next big thing and area to fulfill consumer demand. I will leave you waiting for that post…. until then.

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