The Pleasing Paradox

We spend most of our time aiming to please strangers. Actively ignoring those who we have already succeeded in pleasing. Those individuals who welcome our banter, quirks, and uniqueness. We have successfully sold them on our bill of goods. Ironically enough, our laser-like focus on those for which we aim to please clouds our judgement. We all know too well there is an infinite number of strangers to try to please. Each with their own requirement for pleasing. Our constant pursuit for the pleasing paradox prevents us from enjoying and continuing to nurture the relationships we have already built. Our arrogance in the conquest of a successful sale, only satisfies a taste of our malicious desire.

Continuing the hunt of additional skulls for our belt, our blood thirsty lust for another satisfied customer blinds the real meaning behind our subject’s pleasure. The desire for interaction and meaningful relationships.

This metaphoric representation is all too true today in our business world. Our thirst for new customers and the conversion of a cold lead prevents us from understanding the true value of the already qualified and satisfied customer. Until that customer falls back into the funnel, as a now scorn and neglected antelope grazing in the field.

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