By now, you are probably wondering who I am. You might have came across my site because you are a co-worker, friend, family, colleague, media associate, or organization looking to learn more about me.

I am currently the Director of eCommerce Strategy at York Wallcoverings. Before that, I was VP of Marketing & Innovation at a digital marketing agency where I led a team of extremely talented digital marketers perform amazing work for hundreds of clients.

I was a brand marketer previously, holding positions of Product Manager, Associate Brand Manager, and Director of Communications. I have been responsible for taking a traditionally brick and mortar business and leading an ecommerce transition. I was tasked with having direct to consumer sales make up for the eroding sales and shelf space experienced at retail. The ever shrinking shelf, additional competition, and race to the bottom aspect of retail has forced businesses like my former employers to go direct in an attempt to make up sales and volume. I was responsible for doing that and using elements such as Search Engine Optimization, and Paid Search Marketing to generate sales and move product.

When I was in college in 2003, they didn’t have an online marketing degree or anything even close to that (outside of development). I taught myself online marketing, spending countless hours in front of a computer studying lines of code (to understand differences), reading every book I can and wasting a ton of my money experimenting with various mediums. This inquisitive nature, mixed with a tenacious drive to succeed was a good recipe for this daunting challenge of growing direct to consumer sales. This is where my passion lies currently. I love ecommerce and direct to consumer through various outlets. My desire for anything digital is obvious if you read any of the articles that grace this blog.

I have had experience in Lawn and Garden Consumer Packaged Goods, Pet CPG, home goods CPG, as well as high end restaurant/accommodations but have built strategies for countless others. My approach to building strategies is ‘old school’ taking a page out of the war rooms of the Mad Men era. I find that this consumer focused approach to building strategies is the only way you can truly build an omnichannel strategy.

I possess all of the necessary certifications that an online marketing professional should possess, as well as continuous education and training. I even have a certification from Harvard in Neuroscience.

You can reach me on Twitter, LinkedIn, G+ if you are interested in speaking further.

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