I have had the pleasure of being published in a great deal of highly authoritative publications, as well as quoted in dozens of others. I have written hundreds of posts for clients, previous employers, and just for fun.

You can find some of my thought leadership here on this blog, as well as finding many of my pieces published elsewhere through a simple Google Search, but here are some of the highlights about how I write.

  • Data & Research… If I am putting a piece together, you bet your bottom dollar there is a great deal of research that went into it. I am always the type of person who looks for the backup data when reading an article and I make sure I have it if my piece is called into question.
  • Out of the box thinking… Just like my speaking style, I am not a huge fan of the same recycled concepts, theories, and arguments. I like to think ‘out there’ on a few things and of course, they are backed in data. For example, I have been writing about the a la carte TV subscription movement since earlier in this decade and watching it unfold in front of our eyes is nice, however, the data predicted it, as I highlighted previously.
  • Humor Easter Eggs… I love hidden humor with a side of rye. I try to inconspicuously insert ‘inside’ humor within my pieces, applicable to only those who are as deep in the trenches as I am as it pertains to Digital Marketing theory and execution.
  • Advanced Basic Language… I understand that I mostly write about things that people have little understanding about, however, I try to use a ton of analogies and language that is easier to understand, but detailed enough that my colleagues know I am not a noob.

If you are interested in me writing for your publication, blog, or even taking part in your podcast, whitepaper, or webinar, feel free to contact me below and I will be back to you shortly.

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