Welcome to my corner of the web. What should you expect from my site?

Infrequent, but very thoughtful and in-depth posts. I probably post 3-4 times per year, but like everyone else says, trying to post more frequently but life gets in the way. However, the content you will find is straight from my brain with no filter or chaser. I pride myself on being an aspirational digital marketing futurist (which I understand has a pun in it), so you will find alot of that here. Predictions, new things, ideas that challenge status quo; find all of that and more on my blog. Thanks again for stopping by.

I have spoken at over 10 conferences, including some of the biggest eCommerce conferences in the country. What do you get if you book me to speak? FIRE… and lots of it. Tons of content, me talking too fast, giving away too many secrets of the trade, etc. but every speech I have given has been thought of the same way, people learned alot.



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