Digital Marketing Speaker Justin Emig

We have all been there, conference brain. We hear a endless supply of ideas, tips, tricks, and thoInsight Conference - Justin Emigught leadership from some of your favorite speakers and authors, but what do you do when you get back? You realize that the scenarios discussed were unicorn scenarios; not applicable to your brand or client. Ugh…

I try to bring a different approach to speaking. I show examples from brands that most in the attendance haven’t heard of. How many times have you seen someone use Apple, Google, or Red Bull as an example of marketing excellence… yea… that is quite tired. I get tired of hearing those also, so I promised to never give a speech in which I can’t show examples and evidence from a challenger brand, not blessed with the perfection of marketing strategies and budget.

Anyone who has seen me speak knows there are 3 things you will surely get each and every time:

  • Data…. Lots of Data. If I am going to recommend it or tell you to do it, I will be sure to give you the evidence to back it up.
  • Energy. When I present, it is like I drank a gallon of coffee. I am a high energy guy, so I will surely bring that to every speech.
  • Ideas. You won’t get the same tired ideas recycled and spit back out. I give the same strategies that I provide my clients. Nothing hidden here… why hide it because as fast as this industry changes, secrets get nowhere.

So, if you are interested in having someone different from the typical presenter, someone who has been in the trenches and isn’t a professional speaker, but a professional digital marketer…. I would love to speak with you.

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